Light, shock proof, hygienic and overall reusable and recyclable, plastic drinking bottles are the most sustainable choice to carry water when doing sports.

Part.5 - Plastics sustainability


End-of-life plastics are too valuable to be thrown away

Once they’ve served their lives as products, plastics are still highly valuable resources and should not simply be thrown away (See why HERE).

They can either be reused or recycled into new products or chemical raw materials.
When this is not feasible or sustainable, they can be recovered in the form of heat or electricity, as a substitute to virgin fuels.

See Plastics Second life.

To make the most of plastic waste as a resource and avoid plastics pollution, it is crucial that no plastic waste ends up in the environment. As much as 80% of worldwide plastics marine debris come from land.
There will never be any better prevention of marine litter than to stop littering and to properly collect and recover plastic waste.

Like any other kind of waste, end-of-life plastics first belong to the bin where they can start a new life.