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Aren’t plastics materials of the past?

Clearly not.


Chemists over time have come up with many ways to combine ingredients to make new plastics… and even to combine plastics. These materials can be fashioned with various properties depending on what we need them to be: sticky or slippery, soft or hard, foamy or stretchy…


That is  why plastics are used in so many helpful everyday products, from mobile phones to vacuum cleaners, from sneakers to car bumpers, from medical implants to textiles, and in almost every deep tech innovation that needs high performance materials.

Most innovations enabling a sustainable future rely on plastics: solar panels and long-lasting batteries, weight reduction in aircrafts or cars to boost sustainable mobility, smart and energy-efficient buildings, hygiene in medical equipment… Every day new innovations in plastics contribute to human safety, sustainability, enhanced product performances and better living.


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